Vehicle Care and Maintenance: Giving Some TLC to Your Battery

Car Battery Service in Tauranga

Car Battery Service in TaurangaAs you car’s battery goes through an eventual decline, you will notice some warning signs that could mean it’s close to failing. Below are some practical pointers to ensure that your battery will last for as long as it should. Follow them to avoid sudden replacements and repairs:

Handling the Batteries Properly
  • Make sure that your battery is dry and clean. A filthy battery surface could result in corrosion and a discharge. Avoid spilling grease or oil on the battery’s top surface, as well.
  • Avoid placing metal objects on the battery’s top surface to prevent it from shorting.
  • Keep sparks or flames away from your battery since these contain hydrogen gas that could explode or catch fire.
  • Your battery contains sulphuric acid that shouldn’t come in contact with your skin. In case this happens, use water for flushing and neutralising the acid.
  • Premier Automotive and other car service specialists in Tauranga recommend having a professional mechanic to inspect and test your battery to avoid mishaps.
Maintaining a Charged Battery

An underused or undercharged battery will gradually go flat and in turn, will decrease its service life. No matter the season, don’t forget your vehicle’s basic battery care. This usually occurs in vehicles that aren’t used for long time periods or in watercrafts during the winter season.

Cable connections and terminals should always be tight and clean to allow for efficient current flow. Clean the terminals regularly with a wire brush and some water since corrosion will prevent your vehicle from starting. Wear protective eyewear, gloves, and a mask because the lead sulphate, the white powder, is toxic if ingested, touched, or inhaled.

The first indication your battery is failing is when you start your car. In the event that your battery is unable to send enough voltage to the starter, you will hear a clear clicking noise and your engine won’t crank up. The clicking noise indicates an undercharged battery.

A professional mechanic can conduct a proper battery exam to check if replacement is your best option. If replacement is needed, don’t hesitate — you wouldn’t want to be stranded in the middle of the road just because you didn’t replace your battery right?