Veneers and the Cosmetic Dentist in Barnsley



It’s funny how art imitates life and vice versa. Take veneers with the cosmetic dentist in Barnsley. Today’s veneers are the descendants of movie props invented by a dentist in Hollywood called Charles Pincus, way, way back in 1928. His idea to make coverings for movie actors’ teeth so that they could look more like the character they were playing. Veneers back then weren’t very realistic, but after Dr Michael Buonocore started making them out of porcelain, they started becoming very popular.

Now veneers are to be found among the many menu items at the cosmetic dentist in Barnsley. They are everywhere, including at PDC Dental in Barnsley.

The trick, however, is to find a dentist who is experienced in making them look natural.

The first step to veneers is to make them to match the patient’s surrounding teeth. They need to be the same colour, the same size and shape so that they blend in. Colour matching is relatively easy. The dentist has a card of porcelain veneers in different shades that they hold up against the patient’s teeth until they find the shade that best complements the natural teeth.

Size and shape, however, are a matter of craftsmanship. For this, the cosmetic dentist in Barnsley needs to take impressions of the teeth, using dental putty. It is mixed in a bowl and then pushed in around the teeth and left to harden for about a minute before being gently pulled out. The impressions and the information about colour go off to a technician who hand makes the veneers.

These days, dentists also use digital scanners to create 3D images of the teeth. They can be sent to the technician in no time at all, thus shortening the time between the first appointment and the second, when the veneers are fitted.

Some dental clinics now also have machines that can make veneers on site using 3D printing techniques. New veneers can be made in about an hour, so the process can be completed in a day, instead of over a period of a couple of weeks.

The next skill is to fit the veneers so that they lie flush with the other teeth. The cosmetic dentist removes a thin layer of enamel to achieve this. Once in place, veneers last for about 10 years, with good care.