Visiting Colorado: What To Do in The Centennial State


ColoradoThinking about your next out of town trip? You can never go wrong with Colorado – the place just has so much to offer, and there’s a range of activities you can do. To give you a sneak peek, here’s a list of what you can do in The Centennial State.

  • Climb Mount Bierstadt.

Colorado is famous for its rock formations and mountains, one of which is Mount Bierstadt. It will not matter if you’ve never done this before, because there are a lot of first timers who do this and succeed.

  • Go Rafting.

According to American Adventure Expeditions, a little adventure can go a long way. Nothing beats the heat like a Colorado rafting trip. Like mountaineering, you don’t need to be an expert in this, as long as you pick the right level of rafting and you follow the rules.

  • Chill at the Red Rocks.

Take picnicking to a new level at the Red Rocks. While you’re enjoying your packed dinner, enjoy the sweet sound of music from the little concert under the moonlight.

  • Hike up the Sand Dunes.

Slide with your snowboard, or walk (more like run for most tourists) from the top of the Great Sand Dunes National Park in San Luis Valley. Do this at your own time, since they are open 24 hours.

  • Ski.

Take advantage of the snow on Christmas with this cool sport. Grab your ski supplies and book a ski trip before the snow melts. Just be careful and be sure you can take the adrenaline rush that comes with this.

There’s a long list of what to do in Colorado. These are just a few of them. Plan your trip wisely so you can enjoy your stay. Don’t forget to take videos and pictures of these unforgettable moments!