Want Beautiful Straight Teeth Without Braces? Go Invisalign


InvisalignContrary to popular belief, teeth straightening procedures, such as dental braces, do more than just nudge teeth to their correct (or better) locations. They also contribute to better, overall oral health.

To make things even better, these appliances no longer just come in the traditional metal bracket and wire system. Consumers now have more options to select from, such as the Invisalign system. This solution delivers a more modern take in getting teeth straightened out, making it more advantageous over traditional braces in many cases.

What it does

Although conventional braces and Invisalign share the same goals, their similarities end there. This modern system helps improve smile through efficient teeth straightening, resolve teeth crowding, and fix bite issues (including underbites, overbites, and crossbites).

But don’t traditional braces do all these things too? Yes. However, what sets Invalisign apart is that it does all these things without the discomfort and unpleasant appearance associated with the former.

How it delivers these benefits

According to experts in Singapore, the primary advantage of Invisalign over other teeth straighteners is its appearance. Unlike other orthodontic appliances, this system makes use of clear aligners to gradually move the teeth into their correct or more ideal positions. Patients wear custom-fit aligners, which the dentist will replace after every two weeks. Aligner replacement will continue until your dentist sees and achieves the desired results.

Why get it

Invisalign is one of the leading alternatives to the metal bracket and wire system, not only because it looks better, but also because it does not restrict the diet. Since you can remove these appliances, you can eat anything you want without worrying about damaging them. You just need to make sure you see your dentist for your new aligners on schedule.

Invisalign specialists in Singapore can help you get that beautiful, healthier smile you want, so consider investing in this system now to enjoy its great benefits.