Want Effortlessly Stylish Hair?


StylistMaintaining a glamorous hairstyle can be quite a chore when you’re leading a busy life. You often see busy women either in a ponytail or a bun. When things get too busy, most would often choose an effortless pixie cut. When you’re tired of these usual recommendations, here are some tips for a low maintenance hairstyle.

Maintain a medium length hairstyle

A medium length hairstyle is short enough to maintain, but long enough for more style options. Hairdressers in Perth have been recommending this, since it’s stylish and easy to maintain. You see this style as a trendy option, and even celebrity style icons sport the length.

The long bob is still one of the most popular hair trends to date, and it won’t be going out of style any time soon. Style icons such as Taylor Swift and Kate Hudson have been sporting the long bob lately, tossing between straight hair and romantic curls for an edgier look. Health says you should not go for a very short hair, especially if you want to put it into a twist or a ponytail sometimes.

Ask for a framing cut

Hairstylists from Circles of Subiaco list face framing cuts as a flattering option. Ask for razor or layered cuts. Since these styles fall naturally, you can say goodbye to your fussy hair routine in the morning. Save both time and energy with a wash and wear cut that doesn’t need straightening.

Switch shampoos and conditioners every two months

Your hair can build ‘immunity’ against your shampoo and conditioner. As times passes, you will find that your expensive shampoos no longer work as well as it used to. Be sure to try different products after finishing a bottle, or use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of chemical build-up.

Choose a style that works well for your face and don’t be afraid to experiment. Switching between products will also help you determine which one works best. Remember that hair grows back, and nothing beats being comfortable with your hair.