Ways You’re Inadvertently Attracting Termites to Your Home

TermiteTermites, according to EPA estimates, cause billions of dollars in damage every year. Property owners then spend over two billion dollars treating these invasive pests.

Unfortunately, you may be inadvertently attracting these destructive pests to your property if you are doing the following things:

Not fixing leaks ASAP

Moisture is a termite attractant. Both the damp wood and subterranean termites thrive in humid environments. While subterranean termites want to be surrounded by adequate humidity, damp wood termites love water-damaged wood.

Fix leaks immediately to discourage these species from entering your property.

Piling firewood next to the house

Do you accumulate or store firewood and wood debris against your house? Stacking woodpiles against your home may attract termites and offer them a point of entry.

Termite control professionals in Salt Lake City such as Greenside Pest Control recommend storing firewood at least 20 feet away from the house and at least five inches from the ground.

Using mulch near the house

Mulch is a good source of food for termites. Mulch also retains moisture, which may attract these invasive pests. If you have to use mulch, make sure it is 15 or more inches from the foundation. Also, carefully monitor existing mulch for signs of infestation.

Improper drainage

Clogged gutters encourage water to pool consequently attracting termites. Clean your gutters and use downspout extenders to divert rainwater from the foundation. Splash blocks can also help divert rainwater and avert water from pooling.

Letting shrubs near the house overgrow

Some termite species need to move through soil or wood to get inside homes. Overgrown bushes can provide these destructive pests access to structural wood. Trim your shrubs to deny a pathway for swarmers seeking a new colony location.

When home-invading termites bump into your home, they will seek areas that offer them the moisture, food and shelter they require. Look for conditions around your house that can invite termites and get rid of these causes and attractants.

Remember to talk to a termite control expert in Salt Lake City as soon as you notice or suspect an infestation.