Wearables Market Your Goods to the Nth Power

WearablesThough you may not be immediately aware of it, your brand holds a promise that pulls the market to buy your goods and services. In this regard, nothing could be as effective as everyday wearables brandishing your unique colours and images, worn by a proud loyal following that would defend your identity at a moment’s notice.

Selling at Its Finest

You don’t have to be Bill Bowerman, Nike’s spirited co-founder, to know how important visual aids are in marketing. While those Michael Jordan commercials sure made Air Jordans the most coveted pairs of shoes in the planet, not to mention spawning a multi-billion dollar industry in the process, you should realise that you could jumpstart your visual marketing campaign effectively with not so expensive wearables.

Not only will you be able to get your brand a notch higher, you save tons of money this way – money, Signs n Stuff says, that you could invest in better areas. A closer look at a nearby mall could be a useful exercise. Try counting how many Nikes, Speedo, Adidas caps and shirts you run into. You may not have noticed it but you have already been marketed to – many times over.

As Cameron Herold, founder of BackPocket COO, points out ‘if you haven’t got a shirt, hat or jacket with your brand’s logo, you’re missing out on a powerful and affordable marketing opportunity.’

Cheaper by the Dozen

To save more, you could utilise adequate screen printing solutions to embed your logos and colours into shirts and other wearables. Such a solution is not only cheaper as you have more printed, you could print on almost any surface from shirts to caps to signage with ease.

Moreover, as ink is integrated right into the fabric you end up with wearables that have very durable graphics to last years.

In effect, you have created an army of walking advertisements wearing a slew of effective conversation starters that are inexpensive and has the potential to last a lifetime.