What Are Industrial Filtration Systems Used For?

When we cook pasta, we drain the water using a strainer so you can make spaghetti or any pasta dish out of the cooked pasta. The same principle also applies when separating one element from another. This process is called filtration, which we already heard about the filtration process back in our Science class days.

As a review, filtration refers to the process of separating solid elements or particles from gases or liquids. There are industrial filtration systems as well as those used for home use. One practical example, as mentioned above, is straining the water from boiled pasta.

Filtration is also used to filter or purify water so it can be potable and used for other purposes. This is one popular application of filtration, but it has other uses aside from filtering different types of liquid. Nevertheless, filtration is an important process ever developed.

The common application for industrial filters

As mentioned, filters have different uses including for industrial purposes. Among common applications for industrial filters include the following:

Used for equipment protection

The filtration process can protect industrial machinery and equipment that are commonly used in the field. Not doing so can cause irreversible damage to the equipment. In effect, it can affect the entire operation of the factory or facility. Worse, it can force you to replace expensive parts or the entire unit, which can be expensive, nonetheless.

Used to clean liquids and other chemicals

Filtration is an essential process to purify water and other chemicals from all types of contaminants. Without filtration, we cannot drink clean water, and there will be different types of illnesses people may happen because of drinking dirty water.

Used to ensure safety

As already mentioned, filtration can ensure human, environmental, and workplace safety. Aside from that, implementing safety standards in the workplace can make the company compliant to standards set by government agencies.

Used to ensure an efficient workplace

Filtration ensures smooth and more efficient work operations. There will be fewer hassles and delays in business operations. In return, there will be more time and money saved.

Different types of filtrations

fixing water filtration

There are different filtration types that are used for industrial, commercial, and residential purposes. These include the following.

Hot and cold filtration

Hot filtration involves heating the filter, solution, and funnel to lessen the formation of crystals. This is commonly used when to prevent a mixture from crystallizing and then clogging the funnel that can affect the filtration process. Cold filtration, on the other hand, allows the formation of crystals.

Vacuum filtration

It involves using a hose and Büchner flask in sucking the liquid into the filter. This process hastens the separation between the solid and liquid or gas elements.

General filtration

This is the most basic type of filtration process that uses gravity in filtering a mixture. This is similar to separating cooked pasta and water. The former will be left on top of the filter, and the latter flows at the end of the filter.

Filtration is important in our everyday lives. Whether for personal or industrial purposes, it can ensure everyone’s safety at work, at home, and the environment.