What Benefit Do You Get from a Massage?

MassageMassages provide plenty of health benefits. It can relieve back pain, release stress, and aid in relaxation. Spas offer different types of massages to customers, and they also have different facilities for them. Some types require spa and portable massage tables, while others are traditionally done on a futon mattress.

A Swedish massage is one of the most popular types and requires a table for customers. On the other hand, sports massages are sometimes administered on the court, or pitch, allowing the athlete to return to their play immediately.

What is a Swedish massage?

A Swedish massage — with its light to medium strokes — is best for stress relief and relaxation. It uses a few basic movements like long sweeping strokes, used at the start and end of a massage. It also uses muscle kneading, much like kneading a dough. Deep pressure or friction is also used on specific spots, like fingers and knuckles.

This type of massage is also like a deep tissue massage. However, as the name suggests, deep tissue massage focuses on the deepest layer of the muscle tissue. It uses stronger pressure to relax muscle tension and it also works on tendons. This type of massage causes a drop in blood pressure, as well as release oxytocin and serotonin, resulting in a good mood.

What is a sports massage?

A sports massage is a type of massage that is focused on specific muscle groups. It is particularly useful for athletes, and some sports teams have masseurs who give a massage on the sidelines during a game. The massage gives immediate relief to athletes and a shortened recovery time. It borrows elements from Swedish, Shiatsu, deep tissue, and other techniques, concentrating on specific muscles and areas used in the specific sport.

Massages have various benefits that range from relaxation to relieving tension and stress. In most instances, the only equipment necessary is a massage table.