What Do Video Marketing Ads Have in Store in 2017?

Video Marketing Concept

Video Marketing ConceptVideos are gaining importance in the marketing world. The Huffington Post reported that in recent years, successful brands have expanded video use throughout the entire customer journey to educate and convert buyers, improve customer satisfaction, and build better relationships.

Vonazon believes that video marketing ads will improve a brand image by using storytelling, humor, eye-catching graphics, and invaluable information. Here are video marketing ads in 2017 that help your company take advantage of the emerging platform:

360-Degree Videos

Following the jaw-dropping technology that comes with 360-degree images come the even more impressive 360-degree videos. A case study showed that a video in a 360-degree format had 28.81% more average views than the same video in a normal format.

The 360-degree format is great for product videos, as it makes the audience feel as if they’re experiencing the product in person.


The live-streaming feature in Facebook is relatively new, and companies are finding ways to incorporate it into their marketing campaigns. There is the possible Q&A with experts from your industry, or the live-streaming of a conference or an important event.

You can also make a behind-the-scenes live-stream, where you show certain processes in your business that your customers don’t normally see.

Videos Heavy on Storytelling

Any advertising agency will tell you that a compelling story is instrumental in your campaign’s success. This will continue to hold true in 2017. Videos that are heavy on storytelling invoke emotion and personal connection with your customers. Some examples are case studies and testimonials.

Online video will soon account for 74% of all online traffic, according to a study. When it comes to business, there is an 80% increase in customer conversion if a website has a video on its landing page. Additionally, visitors spend 2.6 times more on pages with video than those without. Using video in your marketing campaign will certainly have its advantages.