What Makes Singapore’s Health Care System Incredibly Impressive?

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Health CareSingapore emerges as one of the countries with the best health care systems, despite spending only 3% of its country’s GDP on health services.

Here are a few situations that make the country’s health care incredible impressive:

Everyone can afford a good private hospital.

A perfect example is the integrated plan. Also called the IP, this is offered by private health insurance companies. It is comprised of two components, including the Medishield integrated plans. Whilst Medishield does not cover minor diseases and consultations, it kicks in when the patient requires hospitalisation and surgery. The plan can cover up to 80% of a patient’s medical bills, which means it removes a significant financial burden from families.

Health Care services are more affordable compared with other first-rate countries.

Compared with other Asian nations, Singapore health care might cost more. Nevertheless, the country has the most affordable medical services among first-world countries. A heart bypass surgery can cost almost $145,000 in the United States, while this may only cost around $30,000 in Singapore.

Singapore has some of the best heart centres, with surgeons and cardiologists getting their training and internship from top countries, such as London, Canada and the United States. Hospitals adopt innovative treatment methods and equipment, as well.

The country promotes a more holistic approach to health care.

Singapore does not simply focus on the treatment and management of disease. The country’s health care authorities encourage prevention through exercise, proper diet or nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits. To ensure these prevention programs are in place, the government has the Health Promotion Board.

Medical plans get as many people covered as possible.

Singapore believes in social harmony and health care for everyone. The country’s health coverage extends to both permanent residents and citizens. It continuously updates its policies to cope with the changing needs of the people. Medical plans encourage mandatory health savings through a special account, in which both the employee and the employer can contribute.

With all these, do you still wonder why Singapore is on top in terms of health care?