What Marketing Metrics Do You Need for Social Media Reporting?

group of people working on paid advertising

group of people working on paid advertisingThere is a lot of content uploaded every minute on different online marketing platforms. It is rewarding to receive positive feedback from all the content you post on your platforms. Most businesses consider the positive feedback an indicator that their marketing efforts are paying off. Feedback, however, is far from being an indicator of how well or dismally your efforts are paying off when using social media platforms for marketing.

Professional social media management of your Raleigh-based business is essential to get the best picture of the impact of your marketing efforts. These managers will collect various metrics and compile them into a social media report, which will allow you to know what to improve and which efforts are paying off. The following are some of the metrics that will form part of your social media report.

Reach Metrics

Even if you have the best content but no one sees it, then your marketing efforts are in vain. Reach metrics will assess how many people see your content. The crucial KPIs included in reach metrics are total reach and total impressions. Total reach encompasses the number of new clients who have accessed your content while total impressions denote the number of times your content was displayed irrespective of to whom it was shown.

Community Growth Metrics

Knowing the number of people who have accessed your content is only one part of the picture. Community growth metrics give you insight into how many people clicked on your like or follow button to join your online community. New subscribers and total followers are some of the KPIs that form part of community growth metrics. These are denoted in numbers or rates.

Engagement Rate Metrics

Size is not the only thing that matters in social media marketing. Building a community might be easy, but keeping it requires constant interaction with your fan base to keep them from abandoning your pages for your competitors’. Engagement rate metrics let you know how people are engaging with your posts and allow you to build a brand relationship with your followers. In most cases, a high community growth coupled with a low engagement rate generally signifies that you are targeting the wrong audience.

Website Visit Metrics

web design puzzleOne of the highest points of success in social media marketing is an increase in your website traffic. This marks the point of interaction between SEO and social media marketing. Getting people from your social media platforms to your site will bring them a step closer to conversion. New users, sessions and average session durations are among the KPIs that comprise your site visit metrics.

Collecting these metrics has been made easy by different online tools. Most people, therefore, download these tools and start collecting the metrics without the need of an expert. The tools you use to collect the above parameters, however, will not interpret them. Without an expert to explain them and put them into a report, you will primarily be collecting vanity metrics, which are just a waste of your time and investment. As such, an outsourced social media management team is essential for the success of your online marketing.