What You Need to Know About Working from Anywhere

a woman in her home officeMore than 80% of new-generation professionals now prefer to work from anywhere — at home, the beach or in their favourite coffee shops. If this sounds like a dream for you, here are quick facts to consider before you take the plunge.

1. Connectivity

You’ll need to provide your own reliable internet connection and related communication and productivity tools. Clocking in and out of an office might be boring, but you’ll have everything you need once you get there — a telephone, internet connection, a laptop, printer, scanner and so on.

When you work remotely, you have to take care of all of these on your own. The good news is that there are satellite service providers that can hook you up to the internet from anywhere in the world.

Satellite internet works through the connection of three satellite dishes — one attached to your device, one way above the Earth’s surface and one at the service provider’s station. It’s much faster than the traditional dialup.

2. The Company

While there will never be a shortage of traditional companies that prefer the old ways, there are forward-looking companies that welcome this new way of working with employees. In fact, most companies now provide their employees with great flexibility.

3. Travel

Being able to travel is the biggest come-on of remote work. According to a survey, 11% of its 4,000 respondents said that they hoped to be able to travel while making a living.

4. Clocking Out

It’s much harder to shut down and call it a day when you from home or anywhere. Surprisingly, employees who work from anywhere also feel burdened by too many deliverables.

In the traditional setting, the end of the business day signals the time for rest, but these boundaries are blurred for off-base employees. In order to meet deadlines, they end up working long hours.

Experts predict the future of business is moving towards allowing talents to work at their own terms. It’s worth checking out whether these opportunities are available for you.