What’s the buzz around teeth whitening in Camden all about?

Close up of teeth

Close up of teethWhat’s the first treatment that most people think about when they consider cosmetic dentistry in Camden? Teeth whitening is so popular now that it’s often at the forefront of people’s minds. There are several different reasons for this that we explore below.

It may be tempting for someone to get an over-the-counter whitening treatment from their local chemist or health and beauty shop rather than have teeth whitening in Camden at the dentist. However, there are a few advantages to visiting a clinic like Ace Dental. They have a friendly, well-qualified team of professionals on hand to guide patients through procedures like teeth whitening. They can also use products that are stronger than those available commercially because they are qualified to use them and provide patients with the support they need when they do.

Teeth whitening in Camden is easy

There are no complex steps involved in the teeth whitening process. It starts with a relatively quick examination to check that the patient’s teeth are healthy and suitable for treatment. Next, the dentist will fit them for custom-made trays that are designed to fit snugly against their teeth. These hold the gel. As they are designed to fit the individual, they ensure closer and longer contact between the teeth and the active ingredients in the whitening product.

Teeth whitening has an impact

A smile is one of the most important aspects of someone’s look. We’re designed to subconsciously read things about a person based on qualities like the colour and condition of their smile. This is a hard-wired instinct that the media uses to great effect. Often without realising it, we judge someone based on the brightness of their smile. If someone has had their teeth whitened, they are more likely to be seen as younger, healthier and more attractive.

Teeth whitening treatment can lighten the smile by several shades. A good dentist will be able to give their patient some idea of the result they can expect. They may even be able to offer their patients some control over the process, so they can achieve the shade they want. Most people want an improved but natural look, so they aren’t necessarily looking for the brightest possible shade.