When is There Too Much Snow on Your Roof?

Winter Season

Winter Season in in St. PaulIt’s the winter season again, and just like every year, homeowners have to worry about the snow piling up on their property. Blocking the driveway, making the sidewalks slippery, completely burying the backyard… unless you grab a shovel and keep it under control, the snow is going to make life difficult for you.

However, there is one place where it is more than just a nuisance. Your home’s roof can only support a certain amount of weight, and if you let too much snow accumulate on it, the results could be disastrous. Many roofs collapse during winter, and this is especially common among homes with older or damaged roofs.

The question is, how much snow is too much? And should you try to clear it yourself, or call in one of the many professional snow removal services in St. Paul?

What Homeowners Need to Know about Roof Snow

There is no exact answer to the first question, since every home is different. A good rule of thumb experts often give, though, is that the average roof can support around 25 lbs of weight per square foot. Anything more than that and removal becomes necessary.

But it is difficult to tell at a glance how much weight is actually on your roof, since it depends on the type. It takes around 10-12 inches of fresh snow to reach the danger threshold of 25 lbs per square foot, but only 3-5 inches of compact snow. Meanwhile, solid ice is much heavier, and even an inch of it already poses a significant threat.

So what should you do now? Removing the snow or ice from your roof can be done with a snow rake, but this is both very time-consuming and risky if you don’t know what you are doing. Hiring a removal contractor is the prudent decision for most homeowners.