Where Do Broken Cars Go?

Broken Car

Broken CarEver wonder what happens to totaled cars? Do they go to car heaven?

Well, car heaven is a far cry from where they’re actually headed. All brands go to the same end. Scooped up by the tow truck, these are deposited in the local salvage yards and automotive recycling companies, which is a growing industry in New Zealand. Some are sold to be wrecked or recycled, while others go out with a bang for the silver screen.

Wrecked and Rolled

Trading your old junk cars can give you instant money. After a violent collision, a vehicle can be sold to local car recycling companies and turned into compact cubes. The car will then be crushed, melted down, and finally formed into a new metal.

You can check out more automotive recycling companies to trade your branded ride for the right value, like the Toyota wreckers in Christchurch. There are many Auto dismantler companies that buy any make, any model in any condition and with free removal to the scrap yard.

From Trash to a Mechanic’s Treasure

Some that make it to the “salvage yards” get their parts recycled. Many people go to car graveyards to look and buy for reusable items. Some mechanics will source used parts off a chassis to cut costs. It’s easy to cut costs with spare parts, but finding a working one is a different story.

The Big Break

If you’re thinking about how much it costs Hollywood to blow up an entire road of cars, junkyards might have the numbers for you. Cars that go “boom” in those chase scenes are the ones that have been scooped up by the tow trucks or down in the junkyards.

The movies that destroy cars for our entertainment, like Spectre: James Bond with its £24 million budget to blow up Aston Martin DB10 sports cars, are constantly increasing, which means more wrecked cars will be towed all the way to the silver screen.

With the increasing number of cars getting manufactured every year, the proper recycling of the chunks of metal from old models is becoming an issue. Thankfully, there are many car recycling options available to address the problem.