Where Should You Live According to Your Personality?

New York City At Night

Ever thought of living somewhere else? Ever dreamed of having a choice where you can choose your own living space?

There is a perfect place for every personality. Find out yours.New York City At Night

  1. Studio apartment in the city – If you love to party all night long and has to work come daylight, a studio apartment in the city is ideal for you.

You will love this if you’re: reliable, fun, exciting, spontaneous, partying all night long, known to give sound and practical advice.

  1. Cabin in the countryside – Living with nature and breathing fresh air. Trees, hills and narrow winding roads. If this appeals to you, then living in the countryside is for you.

You will love this if you’re: an innovator, spiritual, environmentalist, mysterious, intuitive, and water lover.

  1. Granny flat on your family backyard – Simple but sentimental. Independent but caring. Granny flats are flexible and great for retreat and office work, says com.au. This home setup will allow you to be independent without breaking ties with your loved ones. It’s perfect for those who need space, but still need some sort of connection to the family. It’s also ideal for families that want to maximise the extra space in the yard, as it can be rented out.

You will love this if you’re: a source of inspiration, prudent, modern-thinker, witty, and can balance work, social life and family.

  1. House in a ‘burb – Classic, but empowered. Suburbs are equated to affluence and family-life. Maintaining one costs time and money, but it is a great option for raising a family.

You will love this if you’re: conservative, private, classic and stable. You live a social life that people envy. This means you derive your happiness from your community.

  1. House by the beach – Having the sea breeze waking you up in the morning is very much like a dream come true. You can enjoy the walks on the sand barefoot and cuddle with your loved ones around bonfires. A beach lifestyle is one of the best perks of living in coastal areas.

You will love this if you’re: romantic, creative, explorer and a dreamer. You have the tendency to cross the borders in your wild imagination, and you are in tune with your own thoughts.

If you ever feel you are supposed to be living somewhere else, take a leap and find your place in the world. Choose from these suggestions or simply follow where your heart will lead you.

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