Why a Marketing Agency is Better Than an In-House Marketing Team

Marketing Agency

Marketing AgencyWhile searching for ways to make your small business more profitable, you may have encountered articles explaining why you shouldn’t bother hiring a marketing agency. Most of these articles typically discuss how the cost is too high, or that the businesses that often use them are big, successful ones.

Some of these arguments may have merit, leading you to believe it is unwise to invest in hiring marketing agencies, but made4media explains that there are more benefits to hiring such agencies than doing all the marketing alone.

It actually costs less to hire an agency

This is especially true if you are inexperienced when it comes to marketing. Chances are you would rather hire a marketing team. Think about it: A marketing team means salaries and benefits, and perhaps even bonuses and commissions each time they make something successful. Bonuses are common to keep employees loyal and happy.

When you hire an agency, they will quote you a price that fits your budget. Then they will do the work. With their experience and connections, they are more likely to raise your marketing profile. The best part is you only pay for what you agreed.

An agency can develop your brand over time

Agencies are experts at brand development. Over a reasonable period, they can transform your brand into one that customers recognise instantly and trust over all others. An in-house team is likely to struggle with this because of their limited experience. Agencies usually have contacts in the field and they know how to leverage them to your advantage.

Agencies work harder to please clients

You can’t deny that sometimes your in-house team takes more time to accomplish something because they feel secure, especially when they are regular employees. They don’t feel that sense of urgency. An agency will work harder each day to accomplish what you need because they are under contract. They also aim to please you so you will give them more business. On top of that, they will give you progress reports every so often to keep you informed. They may even throw in measured results.

A marketing agency has the expertise, experience, contacts and professionalism you need to improve your brand. Think about setting a budget for hiring one.