Why is Bathroom Remodeling a Popular Home Renovation Projects?

Bathroom Remodeling in Bountiful

Bathroom Remodeling in BountifulAccording to a survey released by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), bathroom remodels are currently the most common home remodeling project. Remarkably, shower remodels have topped the NAHB’s list of most popular remodeling projects since 2010. Why are bathroom improvement projects so attractive? Here’s why:

1. Newer Amenities

Homeowners with dated bathrooms often feel the need to incorporate more technology into their existing bathrooms. Newer facilities make the shower modern and help improve comfort and appeal. They also make the room safer and easier to maintain. Common additions include tub upgrades, new countertops, and other better-performing fixtures or more convenient accessories.

2. Replacements or Repairs

Bathroom components are bound to get old and require replacements. Replacement and repairs help to prevent plumbing disasters while offering a chance to embrace newer technologies.

3. Added Value

For many homeowners in Bountiful, shower remodels and kitchen renovations are an ideal way of increasing the value of the house. An improvement project then becomes a powerful home-staging tool that can attract buyers or help fetch a better price for the home. Better still, bath remodels are not that costly. This allows homeowners to recover their remodeling expenses after the sale.

4. Additional Space

Some families seek extra space because they are tired of a cramped space. Other families need additional space in a bid to make the room more convenient to older family members who require extra space to move around. Remodeling can help to increase both the storage and space to move around.

The bathroom should be a sanctuary. It’s here that many days start and end making this area deserve special attention. Consequently, a bath remodel is more than a home remodeling project. It is a way to usher in better days and restful nights. If the need to sell the home arises, an appealing bathroom can help close the sale faster.