Why Likes, Comments and Shares Matter

Social Media Management

Social Media ManagementAnyone who is new to social media may not be familiar with the power of likes, comments and shares. How do these things that are given for free actually became great metrics, indicators and tools for growing your brand?

Read on to understand more, so you can make a better decision when you buy social signals.

1. Gives You Brand Cred that Matters

Millenials and tech-savvy customers always look to shares, likes and comments to see how your brand is doing at any point in time. Being able to see which posts have the most social exposure and positive feedback. It is indicative of trends and popularity when you have a large number of followers, retweets and other social signals. People always want to know what other people are talking about.

2. Helps Boost Your Brand Across the Platforms that Matter Without Penalties

Google’s algorithm is as efficient at finding the right results as it is at determining fakes and data manipulation. But with likes, comments and shares, Google has no penalties and no markers. This means that when you grow your social signals, Google will pay no heed and not devalue your website or page. The more signals you have, the better chance for your post or content to go viral.

3. Gives You a Better Picture of What Content Your Market Wants

When you put out content, you want to diversify as much as possible. In the early stages of campaigns, this is important so you know what kind of posts catch the attention of your followers or your market. Social signals help you determine the type of posts that work best at certain times so you always engage your followers.

Many likes, comments and shares all work together to help you boost key performance indicators and reach new clients. Do not be afraid of harnessing these metrics to get the results your business needs.