Your Guide to Choosing the Right Day Care Center for Your Kid

Day Care Center in Salt Lake CityEarly childhood education is important. What your kids learn and experience at an early age will play a key role in their brain development, and affect their lives as adults. This makes choosing a day care center crucial.

A good day care center will not only care for your kids, but also instill in them desirable values. Here is a quick guide to finding the ideal one.

Your Requirements

Use your requirements for a child care center as a jump off point. What do you want from the child care program? What will your kids need in terms of activities and curriculum?

When considering the program, ask your kid about what they want, too. A preschool that includes fun and engaging lessons your child enjoys will make it easier for him or her to learn and adjust to a new environment.


The right day center will have current license and credentials. This means the establishment has gone through a rigorous accreditation process, ensuring your kid’s safety.

The Staff

The day care center’s caregivers will function as your kid’s secondary parents. It’s important that they are not only qualified to work with children, with emergency training and a background on childhood development. They should also exhibit enthusiasm and concern for kids.

Try to ask the staff about situational problems, such as, “What do you do with children if they misbehave or throw a tantrum?”, or ask how they handle emergency procedures.

In addition to credentials, know the staff-to-child ratio. A lower staff-to-child ratio means your kid receives sufficient attention.

The Finest Facilities

Schedule a visit to the center. Take a tour of the place, and stay at least 30 minutes to fully evaluate the day care center. Check out the rooms. Are they stimulating and safe for kids? Inspect the clinic, the kitchen area, and the playground.

Does the center have sufficient equipment for medical emergencies? Is everything organized and neat? While at the center, observe how the kids behave, if they’re comfortable and happy.

Your kid’s early education is crucial to his or her development. With the right preschool, you can give your child the right start in life.